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New Feature - Site Builder

Webresellers Co. is very pleased to announce a new feature called Site Builder for direct hosting customers. This new feature is being offered for FREE and can be found in your cPanel interface. If you are a reseller, VPS, or Dedicated server customer, this new feature is being offered as an add-on and can be ordered from your client interface at: https://www.webresellers.net/whmcs/

You can try before you buy, or just play with the features of the new Site Builder at: http://sitebuilder.webresellers.net

Online SiteBuilder is an advanced website builder. Easily create the website through the step by step navigator from creating the project, add the company name, web site title, upload logo, select the templates, tweak the template styles, choose the preferred navigator, create and manage page structure, edit the page with WYSIWYG html editor, add extra component, preview and publish the website.

It is packed with colorful stylish templates, page layout and navigator styles.

Webresellers Co. Staff-

Thursday, February 8, 2007

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