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Shoutcast Admin Pro 1.8 Released!

I am pleased to be able to announce that new Update v1.8 released.

We are working towards improving our software and we hope that you will enjoy the new Amazing features that you can read below and free upgrade.

Update(s): 14.February.2008 (v1.8)
All servers has been updated automatically.
This is an automatic update, but you may click Update WHMSonic to latest link on the whmsonic main page.

Important Release Notes:
- Please check your all users traffic limits.
- WHMSonic no more put radiostatus script to users home directory they can do this from cpanel with amazing new liveradio template.
- We set all the WHMSonic softwares language English, you can change back in language editor, you may notice some English words in your language that is mean we are waiting translation from countries.
- WHMSonic is no more require Zendoptimizer. WHMSonic setup is now more easy just a simple install command.
- We are now using ioncube solutions, please take notice, Do not remove ioncube folder from this path /ioncube on the server. It's required by cPanel.
- Please take notice, you dont need to install ioncube loaders to your server, WHMSonic is using it's own loaders.
- Anyone having ioncube issue with WHMSonic, please open technical support ticket. Specially x86_64 model server owners you may having this issue and we have solution for it please contact us.

New Features:
- New Radiostatus for users
- Branding
- Language File
- One config file to manage all players
- flash player
- quicktime player
- realplayer
- mediaplayer
See the screen shots below and check this section: http://www.sonicpanel.com/forum/showthread.php?t=149

- New control panel for cPanel users see the screens.
- Customer Type System: Internal and External

Internal: For customers who have a current cPanel webhosting account on the server and need the AutoDJ feature.

External: Who don't have cPanel webhosting account on the server and does not need AutoDJ. Please take notice, AutoDJ requires a webhosting account due to mp3 uploading and storage. If your customers request the AutoDJ feature, please use the internal shoutcast setup and let your customers order webhosting first. AutoDJ feature will be available for external customers on v1.9. Please notice only root users can use this feature at this time. Resellers will be soon.

Create Radios without hosting account:
Use the external radio creation feature for this, WHMSonic will create a fake cpanel account for external customer which is safe and only WHMSonic features included without webhosting, FTP, Email, ssh ....

Multiple Radio Creation:
Possible with external radio creation feature, add usernames sc_user1, sc_user2 ...

Provide only WHMSonic section on the cpanel:
When you create radio from external radio creation feature this is happening automatically. See the panel screens.

Traffic Limits & Bandwidth Monitor:
This is important update, WHMSonic is no more add BW limits to cpanel accounts. WHMSonic is count the traffic limits and monitor them abuse check included.

Email Feature:
You can now, send welcome account emails to customers during the shoutcast setup. You can configure your email templates in Tools | Modules | Configurations section. Please notice only Root users can send email at this time. See the screens.

Resellers AutoDJ limit:
You can now disable resellers autodj access.

New Icons and setup system:
WHMSonic roots and resellers main theme and icons are updated, radio setup system is now more professional, when setup done the load bar will no more appears.

Download Scripts | Tools Section (cPanel):
Users can download and setup scripts from their WHMSonic cPanel download section.

F.A.Q Section in the cPanel:
Users can read and understand what is shoutcast + WHMSonic.

New Billing Software Support:

Features on CE WHMSonic Module:
- Create shoutcast radios without cpanel hosting account. (External Feature)
- Sending shoutcast account email from WHMSonic
- Suspend
- Unsuspend
- Terminate

Please check the clientexec forum section to downloads and video's.

Following Bugs Are Fixed:
- All the FireFox problems for WHMSonic resellers, roots [Fixed]
- WHMSonic root side and users cpanel friendly with FireFox. [Fixed]
- Resellers can see root AutoDJ's. [Fixed]
- List radio customers page radio password text does not appears [Fixed]
- Resellers radio setup page IP issue ( [Fixed]
- AutoDJ too much load issue little bit fixed as best as we can. (its encoded software)
- Users cpanel access configurations, re-enable feature does bugged. [Fixed]
- Portuguese and Spanish language files fixed for the radio setup page password and other missing stuff is now appears. [Fixed]

Thursday, February 14, 2008

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