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WHMSonic Partnership

Webresellers Co. partners with WHMSonic (www.whmsonic.com).


Offering 2 new Products:

WHMSonic IRC & Radio & Shoutcast Admin Pro

What is WhmSonic:

- Setup Auto IRC (Unreal, CR & much more) to any customer on the server.
- Setup Auto IRC without any ssh configuration, you dont need login to customer shell and configure unrealircd.conf or any others.
- Setup Auto IRC about 2 min.
- After Setup your customer IRC server start automatic.
- Add oper on the WHM
- Checking IP for avaible or not, realtime control if whmsonic found running irc on choosed ip program will stop the setup and let u know.

IRC Services:
- Setup Auto IRC Services ( Anope, IRCservices ) to any customer on the server.
- Auto Configure .conf files. No need any ssh configuration or conf editing.
- Setup Auto Services about 2 min.
- After setup services will start automatic and connect to the irc server.

- Setup Auto Eggdrop to any customer on the server.
- After eggdrop setup choose Bot's and start auto setup, all the choosed bots will connect to the customer server automatic, no need any ssh configuration or .conf editing.
- Whmsonic support many eggdrop bots.

Radio Setup:
- Setup Auto radio make customer server custom.
- Put port number, password and choose ip no need any ssh configuration or .conf editing.
- Whmsonic can setup radio about 5 sec.
. Setup Latest ShoutCast System.
. Setup Live Listen & statistics script.
- Your customer radio script url after setup radio www.customer.com/radiostatus
What is Radio Statistics Script;

- Showing Online Radio Listeners
- Showing currently DJ name on status
- Showing currently song name
- Showing bitrate
- Provide live listen service on website
- Showing max Listener limit

Suspend any IRC or Radio:
WhmSonic can suspend your customer ircserver or radio without suspend website or anyother services. Also lock customer ssh connection.

- List all IRC and Radio customers on the server with their IP's.

Automatic Start all irc and services, radio's on the server after every reboot:
Yes whmsonic provide auto start after every server reboot. ( cancer cure smile.gif )

Repair any broken service on the server:
- Yes whmsonic can repair your mysql server and any other service problems.

Server Security:
- WhmSonic can install Firewall's APF & others.
- Auto configure urgent server bug's, upgrade kernel.
- Auto Make full security for IRC and shell security problems and much more..

More then 700 PHP script support:
Whmsonic can setup 700 php script, included all fantastico scripts also your reseller and customers can setup.

17 New Skin for cpanel & Whm:
Whmsonic coming with new very beautiful skins. Also support orginal whmX skin.

WHM Shoutcast Admin Pro:

Version: 1.0.0 Stable ( Supporting x3,x2,x skin for your customers )

Features in your WHM Root:
1) Setup Latest ShoutCast Radio service for any customer on the server to customer host account.
2) Manage users radio cpanel access ( Customers can access radio control center in their cpanel if you give access to them one by one.)
3) Automatic start all radio's on the server with one click which radio setup with whmsonic.
4) Suspend any customer radio service and ssh access. When you suspend any radio for any customer, whmsonic will stop radio, suspend customer ssh connection and remove cpanel whmsonic access without customer website/ftp/email. Your customer can not start radio from cpanel or direct ssh. This option useful for none customer radio payment problems.
5) Unsuspend any customer radio service and unlock ssh access.
6) List suspended Radio Customers
7) List all radio customers on the server which radio setup with whmsonic.
8) Edit customers radio conf file (sc_serv.conf) with one click and realtime.
9) When you setup radio to customer, whmsonic will add radiostatus to customer webhosting account. Live listen, dj and song informations, name.com/radiostatus/ this script is editable your customers can edit if they want.
Special: WHMSonic checking ip's and port's real time, before when you try install radio to any customer. If port already used by another customer whmsonic will stop setup and let you know, so there will be no port confuse on the server this option included to cpanel side too.

Features in customers Cpanel:
1) Start my radio
2) Stop my radio
3) Restart my radio
4) Showing realtime radio status
5) showing radio informations ip,port,password
6) Setup latest shoutcast radio to my account ( if there was no radio setup on the account )
7) Uninstall radio from my account
8) Edit my radio conf file (sc_serv.conf) with one click and realtime.
9) When you setup radio, whmsonic will add radiostatus to your webhosting account. Live listen, dj and song informations, name.com/radiostatus/ this script is editable you can edit.

Supported Systems:
Real Dedicated & VDS,VPS Supported
CentOS 4.4 Final, 4.5 & CentOS Enterprise 4.4
Fedora Core 3, 4, 5, 6

Screen Shoots:

As an authorized reseller of WHMSonic, you can order your licenses thru Webresellers Co., and save money.

Monday, July 30, 2007

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