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Dynamic Dedicated Server or DDS is Webresellers's brand name for its hosting solutions based on virtual private server technology (VPS). We call them Dynamic Dedicated Servers because of our ability to seamlessly migrate customers from one virtual private server to another or even to a fully dedicated server with NO DOWNTIME. On demand, Webresellers can dynamically scale a complete hosting environment, OS and all, by "dragging and dropping" it to a different physical host.  

VPS/DDS Technology

In partnership with SW-Soft, Webresellers developed DDS Dedicated Servers using Virtuozzo technology.  The result is a standard of performance, reliability and quality features never before seen in the dedicated server market.


DDS has Dynamic Scalability
Complete hosting environments can be quickly moved between DDS enabled physical hosts with virtually NO downtime. more

DDS has Fair Share Technology
A DDS server can be divided dynamically into multiple Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) with advanced fair-share technology. more

DDS has Dedicated Performance
Each DDS comes with complete dedicated server functionality – root access, re-bootable, ability to install any application, change any file. more



Dynamic Scalability

A complete DDS Dedicated Server, with hundreds of live sites, can be transferred to another physical server for system maintenance or hardware upgrades with only a few seconds of downtime. This is a great guarantee of greater uptime for your clients as you grow.


Fair-Share Technology

Webresellers uses Virtuozzo's patented Fair Share technology to dynamically distribute resources between DDS servers on the same physical host.

Fair Share technology allows Webresellers to set guaranteed minimum resource allowances for each type of DDS dedicated server. At the same time, Fair Share technology gives each DDS dedicated server access to unused physical resources. This way no single DDS server can monopolize critical Bandwidth, RAM or CPU resources and yet each DDS can maximize its performance by tapping into idle resources.


In practice, DDS servers can burst far above guaranteed resource allowances for better overall performance while maintaining guaranteed performance levels. This is not possible with lesser VE technologies, such as VServer, used by many hosting companies selling VPS/VDS-type solutions.

Virtuozzo Dynamic Partititioning

Dedicated Performance

Mainframe-like resource utilization, monitoring and control of hardware fully partitions each DDS server. As a result, each DDS has full dedicated-server functionality: root access, re-bootable, ability to install any application or service, manage firewall, and even run different OSs – Red Hat, Debian, Suse, FreeBSD – on the same physical host.  At the "root" level, a DDS dedicated server is virtually indistinguishable from a typical dedicated server.

DDS behaves exactly like dedicated server

Has its own processes, users, files and provides full root access

Has its own IP addresses, port numbers, tables, filtering and routing rules

Has its own configuration files for the system and app software

Use own versions of system libraries or modify existing ones

Delete, add, modify any file, including files in /root, and install own application software or custom configure/modify root application software

Run multiple Linux Distributions and Control Panels on a single box.