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DDS Dedicated Servers are next-generation servers with virtually all of the advantages of a traditional dedicated server, PLUS! DDS Dynamic Dedicated Servers

Dynamic Dedicated Server or DDS is Webresellers's brand name for its hosting solutions
based on virtual private server technology (VPS). We call them Dynamic Dedicated Servers
because of our ability to seamlessly migrate customers from one virtual private server to
another or even to a fully dedicated server with near zero downtime. On demand, Webresellers can
dynamically scale a complete hosting environment, OS and all, by "dragging and dropping"
the environment to a different physical host.
[More about DDS/VPS Technology]

DDS Dedicated Servers are next-generation servers with virtually all of the advantages of a traditional dedicated server, PLUS!



DDS Features

  • No Setup Fees [Details]

  • True Dedicated Performance [Details]

  • Full Administrative Control (Root Access) [Details]

  • Total Scalability [Details]

  • OS Level Backups [Details]

  • Firewall Sevices [Details]

  • Industy Leading Control Panels [Details]

  • Unmetered Bandwidth [Details]

  • Fair Share Technology [Details]

  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee [Details]

  • 24x7x365 Fast Attack Support [Details]

  • Month-to-Month Contracts [Details]

  • Instant Activation - Get Started Now! [Details]

No Setup Fees
Webresellers does not charge setup fees for any of its DDS dedicated servers. For more info please contact [« back]

True Dedicated Performance
Unlike "shared" or "virtual" hosting solutions, each DDS server has dedicated physical and software resources. A DDS dedicated server has its own physical processing, memory and storage as well as its own operating system and web, mail, FTP and database servers. Each DDS server also comes with two dedicated IPs so you can host your own primary and secondary DNS servers. [« back]

Full Administrative Control (Root Access)
You will have root level access to your DDS dedicated server. Using SSH, you will be able to install software or configure your hosting environment from the command line to suit your hosting needs. Of course, each DDS dedicated server also comes with a powerful web-based control panel (can be removed upon request). Even for expert server administrators this is an invaluable management tool. [« back]

Total Scalability
Clients can upgrade from any DDS account to another DDS or DDSplus dedicated server with virtually NO downtime and ZERO cost. This is a huge benefit for hosting resellers and others with the goal of growing their hosting business. Traditionally, moving domains from one server to another was a time consuming and costly process. But with DDS, Webresellers can 'drag and drop' your hosting environment, OS and all, from one server to another. This can significantly reduce the cost of ownership for resellers in the long term. [« back]

OS Level Backups
An OS level, 'DDS Backup' solution is an available option with every DDS dedicated server. This type of backup "mirrors" your entire hosting environment and can restore a complete server configuration and not just certain directories like most other backup solutions. This level of data protection can significantly reduce the downtime and cost of data corruption or loss. For additional data protection, each DDS server also comes with a stateful packet inspection firewall installed and ready for you to configure. If you are not a Linux firewall expert, Webresellers will manage this firewall for you for a small monthly fee. [« back]

Firewall Services
Each DDS server includes a stateful packet inspection Software Firewall complete with a comprehensive rule-set. For maximum protection Webresellers offers the award winning FortiGate series of ASIC accelerated anti-virus hardware firewalls as an option for your DDS server. FortiGate detects and eliminates the most damaging content-based threats originating from email and Web traffic including viruses, worms, intrusions and more - all in real time. Options include: Firewall, Virus Filtering, Spam Tagging or all three of these bundled for a package price.[« back]

Industry Leading Control Panels
Webresellers includes the latest cPanel control panel with each DDS server.

cPanel and WHM
cPanel & WebHost Manager (WHM) is a next generation web hosting control panel system. Both cPanel & WHM are extremely feature rich as well as include an easy to use web based interface. cPanel is designed for the end users of your system and allows them to control everything from adding/removing email accounts to administering MySQL databases. [Visit cPanel Website] [« back]

Unmetered Bandwidth
Included FREE with each DDS server is a multi-homed, full duplex "Unmetered Bandwidth" Internet access port. You can use as much or as little of this unmetered data transfer as you require and never have to worry about bandwidth overages or extra charges. For more demanding situations Webresellers offers several levels of unmetered and metered bandwidth.  [« back]

Fair Share Technology
Webresellers uses Virtuozzo's patented Fair Share technology to dynamically distribute resources between DDS servers on the same physical host.  Fair Share technology allows Webresellers to set guaranteed minimum resource allowances for each type of DDS dedicated server.  At the same time, Fair Share technology gives each DDS dedicated server access to unused physical resources. [More]  [« back]

99.99% Uptime Guarantee
Webresellers puts a premium on network reliability and performance and backs it up with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. See Webresellers's Master Service Agreement for details. [« back]

24x7x365 'Fast Attack' Support
Webresellers offers three levels of technical support to suit the various needs and levels of expertise our customers posess. All Webresellers clients receive 24x7x365 hardware and network support plus access to our Customer Service Center (CSC). [« back]

Month to Month Contracts
We do not make you pay in advance to get the best deals. All hosting contracts at Webresellers are month-to-month. [« back]

Instant Activation - Get started Now!
DDS dedicated servers are included in Webresellers's Instant Activation system. In many cases, we can have you up and running in minutes. Note: All DDS orders go through an automated verification process. For several reasons, orders can be diverted from the Instant Activation system and delayed until the order is verified by the sales department. In rare cases an account may be suspended by the sales department within 48 hours of setup by the Instant Activation system until manual verification procedures are completed. [« back]